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Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit:  Also known as “pitahaya/Pitaya”.  Being grown in many places in southern Vietnam, but most famous is in Binh Thuan Province.  The fruit has tropical cooling taste and very nutritious.  Packing are varied from 6 pcs into 2 kg carton, 8-10 pcs in 4 kg carton, 16-26 pcs in 10kg carton and 35-50 pcs in 25 kg carton


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Coriander, also known as Chinese ship smell, is a material for processing dishes, coriander also has effective healing effects.

Nutritional information:

  • According to Oriental Medicine, the smell of warm love ship, bitter taste, fragrant aroma, has a convenient effect, heat dissipation, pain relief, emphysema, ventilation, detoxification, cooling, spleen, stimulating digestion , effective deodorant.
  • Ship's leaves contain up to 0.02 - 0.04% volatile essential oils, roots containing saponins ..., used in fresh or dried form in all analgesics, flu, colds, bad breath, ...
  • Is a spice to prepare indispensable dishes of Vietnamese families.
  • Products are distributed by Lotte Mart Ho Chi Minh, ensuring freshness when it comes to customers.

Storage instructions:

  • Store at cool temperatures.
  • Note: Do not use the product when the phenomenon of damage, mold.

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